Arrears Management

The Code of Conduct under Law N4224 / 2013 issued by the Bank of Greece (Credit and Insurance Committee Meeting  392/1/31.05.2021) regulates the framework of arrears’ management for all supervised entities, among which our Company. 

The main purpose of the Code of Conduct is to lay down general principles and best practices aimed at strengthening confidence, mutual commitment and information sharing, in order to lead to the achievement of the appropriate forbearance solution or resolution and closure solution  for our customers experiencing financial difficulties (individuals and companies) and which are unable to meet their contractual obligations.

Hellas Capital Leasing following the Code of Conduct and adjusting its structure, has adopted an Arrears Resolution Procedure and prepared an Information Booklet for Customers in Financial Difficulties as a useful and practical guide for clients experiencing difficulties in repaying their debts.

For any further clarification, please contact the dedicated contact point:

Arrears Management Dpt
Tel : 210- 678 3414 (Ms Paschou Katerina)
Fax : 210 677 3398

Please refer to the Policy for Socially Sensitive Lessees here.

Please refer for the Non Cooperative Borrowers here.